We have received an update from the Health Department (click here to view) and today received confirmation from Golf WA that we can now play in pairs as long as the strict protocols regarding social distancing are observed.

I have included the notification we received below:

On March 30, a new Restrictions on Activities Direction (No 2)  was issued effective March 31, 2020, which revoked the previous Direction. Effectively the clause about playing as a single has been removed for any sporting activity and not replaced. A new Prohibited Gatherings Directive was also issued which replaced the old Mass Gatherings Directive.

Through the deletion of the above-mentioned clause and it not being replaced, the inference is now that any outdoor sporting activity can take place provided no more than 2 people participate (instead of one as per previous documentation), or larger if they are people who normally reside together, and provided social distancing regulations are met where there is at least 4 square metres of space for each person. This position has been confirmed by the State Government.

GolfWA advises clubs and golfing facilities that should they wish to stay open then they must adhere to the conditions stated above. Further information on these Directives can be obtained by visiting the WA health department website.

Please note that regardless of this change, our community responsibility should be our number one concern and GolfWA urges all golfing facilities to take this into account. Obvious measures to minimise the spread of Covid-19 should be implemented.

 We have already had restrictions in place and this new development means we can now play in pairs whilst observing the current restrictions.

The safety of staff and members is our primary concern at all times so we rely completely on people ‘doing the right thing’.

The protocols now in place must be followed if we are going to be allowed to continue to play. Critical to the update is the law regarding gatherings of two or more people ( a $20,000 fine for individuals and a $100,000 fine for organisations who do not adhere to the regulations ).

The ability to play in pairs will mean a lot more members will be coming out to play so it is important that the time sheet system is observed to avoid having people ‘gathering’ outside the pro shop.

Latest Update Thursday April 2,2020

Based on new guidelines released from the Health Department concerning sporting activities and on the understanding that the Busselton Golf Club takes very seriously the importance of maintaining social distancing our club will now allow social play in PAIRS.

As golf is a recreation activity that practices social distancing in general play, the club will allow play in PAIRS as long as the strict protocols in place are followed.

As of Friday April 3 the club will allow SOCIAL play in PAIRS under strict conditions.

Please work with us to keep the course open during these challenging times.

The following rules will now apply:

  • It is very challenging to get this information out to our visitors and therefore, we ALL should endeavour to communicate, that currently we are open to MEMBERS ONLY! Please be understanding.
  • Bookings Only, no just turning up. The time sheets will be available online or call the pro shop to make a booking.
  • 1 tee start, limits the number of people arriving at the same time and try to access the Pro Shop
  • 2 players per group, NO exceptions even for family members. This will allow the field to keep moving
  • 10 min tee intervals, again helps spread out players arrival and departure from the club
  • 1 person per cart
  • Time sheets have been adjusted, please double check your time.
  • Any person in a high risk category is strongly recommended to self isolate as per the government recommendations.

We need members to follow a very strict process each time they play.:

  • Only Arrive 10 min before your tee time
  • Come to the Pro Shop to register your attendance and acknowledge the protocols in place to ensure we can continue playing and head straight to the 1st tee.
  • Play your game observing all the on-course rules and social distancing laws.
  • When you finish your round move promptly to your car and leave the course
  • At no time can players loiter around the pro shop or outdoor area
  • Current protocols remain in place: no flag stick, no rakes, no side bets and social distancing at ALL times….at least 1.5 m (one putter length) away.

Please note that this decision can be revoked at any time should a member not comply or if there is a change of directive from our peak body or Government.