GolfWA Chief Executive, Gary Thomas has released a statement addressing the Restriction of Activities Direction that was released yesterday. This is a constantly evolving situation and we will provide updates when we receive them.

Dear All,

Some may be aware of the documentation that came out on Wednesday, March 25 which were distributed to Local Government Authorities. Further, some golf clubs received the Restriction of Activities Direction document on Thursday, March 26 and this has obviously created concern and confusion. 

As a result of this documentation, I have been on the phone to both the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries and WA Sports Federation to get clarity around this latest position.

My reading of the Emergency Management Act – Closure of Certain Places would say that non-community clubs (i.e private clubs) can still operate. Clearly reading the Activities Direction, golf cannot be played in groups of 2 or more, unless people normally reside together.

Thus after talking with DLGS&CI and WASF, our view is that affiliated clubs can continue to play at this stage abiding by the Activities Direction document conditions. Clearly social distancing rules must still apply and from what I hear you are all doing a fantastic job with this. It is also my view that controls issued by the government will escalate and thus we all need to move towards further isolation and this can be achieved through playing as a single only unless you are playing with someone you normally reside with.